Iacopo Pasqui
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Iacopo Pasqui

Born in Florence 1984. Specialized in Fine Art photography and documentary photography. His work explores the relationship between man-nature-landscape and social dynamics.

He has won numerous prizes and competitions including “Giovane Fotografia Italiana #07” at Fotografia Europea Festival in Reggio Emilia (2019), in 2019 he was appointed among “Futures Photography Talent 2019”.

He won the Leica Talent 24×36, 2011/2012, Contemporary Landscapes and Places in Transformation – Artist residency in Italy promoted by MiBACT and GAI, 2017. He is among the authors included in the volume History of Photography in Italy: From 1839 to present by G. D’Autilia, Einaudi, Torino 2012. His book “1999″ has been published by Witty Kiwi in 2016. His work has been exhibited in various solo and collective exhibitions, most recently in the exhibition 1999 at the Museo MAXXI in Rome, 2017. He has taken part in artistic residencies and lectures in the University of Perugia and Teramo.